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Here we cover damaged joinery and modifying joinery.

Damaged Joinery:

Repairs to damaged Aluminium Joinery are a regular occurrence often we can cross reference newer available joinery extrusions to repair older unavailable joinery, without having to replace the whole piece of joinery. This saves on damage to surrounding materials in the removal an installation process. We give insurance quotes just give us a call.
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Modifying Joinery:

The same options as in repairs to damaged joinery apply to modifying Aluminium Joinery using newer options to fit into older joinery:
Windows; Replacing a fixed window pane with a new opening window sash for older joinery to get more air into a room. Taking window joinery apart to get furniture in and out of a house.
Hinge Doors; Changing an open out door into an open in or visa versa. Replace the bottom glass panel with a solid aluminium panel to strenghten it and hold it square.
Sliding Door; Changing it to slide from the other end. Replace the bottom rail in a sliding door so as it can take newer type wheels. Remove and replace damaged sliding door tracks.
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