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Locks Windows:   

Safety Stays:

There are two basic types of safety stays which stop small people (children) falling out the window and makes it a 100% more difficult for uninvited big people coming in. If you wish to close a window more securely than this then see sash locks below. Both types can be fitted to both awning and casement opening windows. If you like to leave your windows open on the second tongue of double tongue window handles then safety stays are a must. (Some insurance companies will not pay out a claim if the window was just left open or on the second tongue there must be evident of forced entry.)
Stainless steel restrictor stays that are permanently fixed one to each side of the window sash (they come as and we sale them as a pair) and when the window is closed you can’t see them. Once fitted the maximum the window sash can open is about 100mm. This type of safety stay would be the most popular and user friendly in terms of operation. Its biggest draw back is you can not get egress from the window once these are fitted however you can do with the Security Stays listed below.  For pricing click here.
Security Stays these have the three notches and are surface mounted meaning when the window is closed you can see the security stay. They can be unhooked in the closed position so the window can then be opened wide if required. In general use they are not as user friendly as the restrictor stays because every time you use them the stay drops into the next notch usually on one side so opening the window becomes a jerky affair however if you wish to be able to open the window all the way for emergency egress etc then these will do the job. Again the recommendation is one on each side of the window so that is two per window so our pricing is per pair they are sold retail as per each. This type of security stay can also be fitted to timber joinery.  For pricing click here.

Sash Locks:

These are a small deadlocks fitted to your opening window sash they can be key locked or knob turned locked. When locked with a key you have to use a key to unlock it, if locked by turning the knob then you can unlock it by turning the knob. They can be all keyed alike so you only need one key to lock or unlock any number though out your house. For pricing click here.

Sliding Window Locks:

These are a small deadlock for sliding windows. They can be locked by key or by press button. Press the button again to unlock it or if locked by key then you need to use a key to unlock it. These can also be setup to lock the window partly open for air but still very secure. They can be keyed alike to other locks in the house.

Window Press Lock:

This is a compact lock with a short bolt for both Aluminium and Wooden Joinery again with keyed alike option.